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Bandhudal Sporting Club

Bandhudal Sporting Club is a traditional Kolkata club representing Bengali tradition and cultural heritage. Since its inception in 1962 in Baranagar we were in the forefront of cultural, social and sports activities in the area. With time our activities have got more popular and have spread to wider regions in and around Kolkata. In a modern city our activities brought joy and a sense of belonging to the people of Kolkata.

Our activities also reflect the responsibility we have towards the welfare of people we represent.Members of the club wanted to be part of the bigger picture and was interested in activities of social welfare all along. It enabled us to organize various health check up camps, blood donation camps in our years of existence.

In the long history of the club Many famous people who are champion of their own field graced our club by their association with us. This includes sports persons like Kapil dev to the director of Akhsardham, P.J.Swami to honorary members of ministry.

We are lucky in a way to find great persons with social intellect to lead our proud club to various achievement and is a major part in our achievements and overall success.They have taken the right decisions when it mattered most. While they have guided us do maximum work possible they have ensured that the club is smoothly run and in good health financiall.

With progress of our city our society needs this organization to prosper more than ever. But we know that it is only possible if honest and dedicated persons from all fields come forward to be a part of this organization and its activities. It'll ensure that the club will continue to be what it is today in coming days.

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  • Mr. Ajay Ghosh
  • President
  • Mr. Dibyendu Sanyal
  • Vice-President
  • Mr. Basab Chandra Ghosh
  • General Secretary
  • Mr. Swarnendu ghosh
  • Asst. General Secretary
  • Mr. Nilendu Shekhar Sanyal
  • Asst. General Secretary
  • Mr. Nobbendu Podder
  • Asst. General Secretary
  • Mr. Chandan Ghosh
  • Treasurer
  • Mr. Sanjay Mondal
  • Treasurer
  • Mr. Chandan Ghosh
  • Sports Secretary
  • Mr. Biswajit Samanta
  • Cultural Secretary